While Muslims were at home celebrating the holy month of fasting (Ramadan) which ended recently, commercial sex workers (prostitutes) were also on the other hand jubilating at the successful completion of the religious exercise. The sex workers were proud to say that the end of fasting is the beginning of their business, which was grossly affected by the holy month.

Some of the sex workers, aside jubilating and celebrating publicly, also agreed that the end of the fasting has returned them back to business fully.

Most of these commercial sex workers further disclosed that their patronage since Muslims ended their fasting had been encouraging.

Jemima, 28, who plies her ugly trade around Isolo, Lagos, attested thus: “There is no doubt that my income in this profession has improved since Muslims ended their fasting. Sex is essential to my customers.

According to her, nothing less than 30 men patronize her on a daily basis.
Another sex worker (name withheld) operating from Ikemba Hotel located around Aguda, Lagos, said: “As soon as fasting ended one of my customers who also observed the fasting visited me; he nearly shed tears because he has not been having sex for the past one month”.

When asked whether she increased her price or not, she added:“Well, it depends on the mugu. My customer who I told you almost shed tears, when I saw the pressure that was on him and I found out that he was ready to pay any amount just to have me, I increased my price from N1,000 to N2,000, he paid and I gave him the services required”.

Chiamaka who hails from Obowo in Imo State and carries out her trade in a brothel at Ejigbo said: “What I suffered during Ramadan fasting period was much, it got to a point I almost begged just to eat. I remember the day one of my customers came and was pricing me N200, due to bad market”. When asked whether she collected the money, she responded in the affirmative. “Well, to be frank with you I don’t have a choice. I collected it because I must chop, Abi no be so? She asked rhetorically.

We asked if there is improvement now, she replied:“Oga journalist, you want to know everything in one day.

Well, God is good to me. Right now business is fine and we are back on our feet again.”
As for the man that offered her N200 for sex , Chiamaka had this to say,” I will never allow him into my room again. Mr. Journalist as I am talking to you now, I don’t greet the man anymore.” When asked why, she took us down memory lane on her sad past. “All men are the same; when I left secondary school, my mother said I should get married and I was about 15 then, I told her I was too young to get married then but she insisted that I must get married. I got married just to please my mum but after two children my husband abandoned me and today I am left alone to my fate.

My two children are in school and I am the one footing their bills. I am telling you this story for the first time” she said with tears all over her face.

Reacting to all this, a Lagos based Islamic cleric, Alhaji S.A Adebayo, the chief Imam of Aranse Central Mosque, Ijeshatedo, maintained that prostitution is a dirty business. “Any Muslim brother that treads in their path is dirty before the Almighty Allah.
There is no difference between witchcrafts and prostitution. For a woman to open her two legs for 20 or 30 men in a day she must be a witch.” He further urged those doing it to stop patronizing commercial sex workers. “Allah hates it”, he averred.

Edited by: Ogunleye Gbemiga