EXCLUSIVE PICZ: White wedding fotos of Teju babyface and wife

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Hmmmm! I love his suit and the gown aint bad too.what do you think guys?

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Charly Boy is not my son: Justice Oputa

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Justice Oputa, the aged man whose son, Charly Boy is one of the men shaking entertainment industry recently disowned Charly Boy as a son.

“Charly Boy is not my Son. I think Charlyboy is a character. I don’t have any child as Charlyboy, I have Charles Oputa. I don’t allow Charlyboy into my house, but I have a caring son called Charles,” he said.

Justice Oputa who also spoke kindly of his son said he respects his son’s will so much and can not but support him even right from the day he decided to be a revolutionist.

Hear him, “he has his own will, he has been doing what he likes, he has been happy with what he is doing and that is the aim of life. If you are satisfied, contented with the day to day existence, then you are considered a happy man. You may be very rich and happy but not satisfied, but if you are in an atmosphere you like and you have a wife who agrees with you like Charles, then you are lucky. My son is very understanding, loving and shows so much concern and respect for me and her mother. That’s all we need from him at this age.

He has lofty visions seemingly impossible to actualize. He pursues those visions with a single-minded doggedness, exhibiting an amazing capacity to build a team and drive them relentlessly toward the realization of his dreams. His advice to the youths to never let anybody kill their dreams is his personal mantra which rules him. I salute that.”

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Davido donates one million naira to Breast Cancer Patient, Debbie Osarere

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Hopes got high for the #SaveDebbie campaign today, as 20-Year-old Nigerian Pop-Star, Davido, donated the sum of 1 Million Naira to help save the Breast Cancer Patient, Debbie Idiagbonya Osarere.

The Breast Cancer patient, Debbie Idiagbonya Osarere, had a reason to smile as pop star David ‘Davido’ Adeleke donated the sum of 1 Million Naira her today.

This Philanthropic act will raise the bar for Davido, whose public image have suffered in recent times, ranging from the Picture scandal and the alleged beating of a cab man.

Debbie who has been diagnosed with a non-malignant lump in her breast is currently hospitalized at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH).

WHOASKYOU? gathered that Davido paid her a visit early this afternoon.

A Close friend to Debbie, Sadiq Adams revealed to us that Davido called earlier today to make his intention known to give out the amount.

Mr Sadiq Adams also made it known that the sum of 2 Million Naira was gotten in the first two days of the #SaveDebbie campaign which includes Davido’s 1 Million naira donation.

WHOASKYOU? Investigations also revealed that the doctors have disclosed that she has less than a month to live if the surgery is not undergone quickly.

Debbie needs N6 Million Naira, the cost of the operation, Friends say Debbie needs a double mastectomy, where both breasts will be removed completely, another surgery for arrangement of spinal cord and a breast reconstruction surgery

Donations can be made at Access Bank to: Idiagbonya Osarere,

Account Number: 0000216933

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PHOTOS: Meet female celebrities who are single parents

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(Picz 1) Gloria Doyle:
Madam controversy could be the right word to qualify boobs flaunting Gloria, she declared not too long ago that she’s still not interested in settling down. The busty woman who claims to be a gospel musician and later a pastor of a church in Ogba axis of Lagos is the mother of a grown-up girl who she had while she was still very young and she has since then been living as a single mother, even when she has suitors that are ready to walk her down the aisle, she stuck to her single status which gives her freedom to take any man she so desires at any time.

(Picz 2) Faithia Balogun:
This beautiful script interpreter is without doubt a delight to watch anytime; the news of her separation from her movie actor cum producer husband raised some dust which is gradually subsiding, and it is a common knowledge that she has had a baby with another man before she decided to settle down with Saheed whom she adopted his name. Sources claimed her union with Saheed was an after-thought as she had initially declined the actor’s advances, preferring a London-based lover who she had a child for before coming back for Saheed. It was even alleged that they were not officially married but that she decided to adopt his name so as to cover the mistake of not having proper wedding before making babies together. The union which has since broken down completely over issues relating to infidelity has returned her to the status of single parent Nigerian celebrity.

(Picz 3) Iyabo Ojo:
It is no secret that Iyabo has been a single mother for many years, story has it that she lived with a guy years back who fathered her children, a boy and a girl. Though many believe the children are the result of a marriage she entered into while she was still very young, others argue it is a result of a fling she decided to have to have children before going after her career in the movie industry. She has over the years been linked with many men both within and outside the movie industry, but Iyabo has always been evasive when the issue of marriage is pushed to her and she has always been frank about the fact that she has children she cares so much about.

(Picz 4) Tayo Odueke (Sikiratu Sindodo):
She’s one of the Nigerian celebrities who has been very cautious about mentioning the child they had out of wedlock, hardly has she ever given a mention to the fact that she has a daughter or that she’s a single parent, rather Tayo is seen by her fans as a young lady that has never experienced the joy of motherhood before. When she was the apple of the eyes of one time leader of Oshodi branch of the National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW), the child’s name was kept out of everything the chubby Yoruba actress did since she came to limelight and it is the belief of her many fans that she’s still without any kid. Sikiratu Sindodo as Tayo is called is another of the numerous Nigerian celebrities that are single parents.

(Picz 5) Waje:
She shot to prominence when she was featured by the singing duo of P Square in their 2005 hit Do Me; the performance then encouraged the twins to allow her do a lady version of their Omoge Mi song; she has also been featured by Banky W and M.I. at different occasions. Born Aituaje Aina Vivian Ebele Iruobe, commonly known as WAJE which is the acronym for “Words aren’t just enough”, Waje has a love child she which she’s not hiding but not also really exposing to the press. The secret of the 10-year-old daughter became public knowledge in 2011 and the talented songstress has never denied the existence of the child which is the result of an affair the pretty lady had many years back, though she’s still very single and not really into any form of relationship, but she is of the belief she will settle down as time goes on.

(Picz 6) Genevieve:
Her case is the most talked about of the Nigerian celebrities that have children, and it is attributed to the fact that she was at a time the most sought after Nigerian actress, Genevieve Nnaji’s love child story is one that arouse heated arguments anytime it is mentioned, some are of the opinion that the father took advantage of her while she was still too young to make proper decision, others are of the opinion that she knows what she’s doing. The daughter who the actress will want to protect at all cost from public glare was conceived when she was still in secondary school and she has since been taking care of the child who close pals described as her life even when she will not have anything to do with the father ever again.

(Picz 7) Alex Lopez:
She is probably one of the very few celebrities that will talk about the children they have out of wedlock openly with no sign of regret, Alex Lopez is always happy to talk about her son Joshua, whom she had for her lover years back. Although, the relationship did not last, she is ever grateful for the joy of motherhood that the relationship afforded her and she’s not ashamed to talk about the product of the botched relationship, even when she’s still in the market shopping for prospective husband.

(Picz 8) Funke Etti:
She was one of the regular faces in the Yoruba click of the Nigerian movie industry some time ago, Funke Etti was at a time thought to be having an affair with Itele, another actor in the Yoruba movie industry, but she denied anything of such stating that they only had a working relationship. Recently she joined the league of Nigerian celebrities who have children out of wedlock when she delivered a bouncing baby boy, the naming which the father was conspicuously missing. Sources even claimed she’s still single as the person responsible for the pregnancy has not performed any marriage rite on her, which admits her into the league of Nigeria single parent celebrities.

(Picz 9)Grace Amah:
This petite light-skinned actress who acts in both Yoruba and English speaking movies had a child last year for someone people say is happily married though she came out to debunk that stating that she would soon be getting married to the father of her baby boy. Marriage apart she has successfully earned herself a place in the group of celebrities with children out of wedlock and some pessimists are still of the opinion that the marriage may not be a thing that will be happening this year.

(Picz 10) Bisola Badmus:
She disappeared from the screen sometime back only for her arrival to be announced with a bouncing baby boy. Bisola Badmus who has acted in many Yoruba films had her naming ceremony recently and like Funke Etti, the father of her child was absent. Sources however have it that the father is a popular fuji musician and that the musician did not want his name to be mentioned in the whole scenario as he had informed the actress of his desire for her not to have the baby, while the actress insisted she would be having it. Though the christening was done with funfair, all efforts to get the identity of the father from the actress proved futile as the actress has joined the league of Nigerian celebrities that are single parents.

(Picz 11) Omawunmi Megbele:
Her story was like a comedy, Omawunmi Megbele was at a time dating her producer Dokta Frabz and before one can say hello, she had entered into another relationship with a man who was said to be having a steady relationship with another woman, it was along the line she took in and news of her pregnancy started like rumour. When it became obvious, questions started arising as to the father of her child and it was at that period she released the song “If You Ask Me”; the people who have been asking the paternity question about her baby girl then assumed she released the song to answer the question of the child’s paternity. Her fling that turned into pregnancy made Omawunmi one of the numerous Nigerian celebrities who are single parents.

(Picz 12) Ibinabo Fiberisima:
Sultry actress Ibinabo Fiberisima, has enjoyed lots of controversies and the former beauty queen turned actress can be said to be one actress who can’t have enough of the wrong men. She was at a time dating tall actor and ex-husband of television talk show gal Fred Amata, a relationship many of Ibinabo’s friends thought would lead to the altar, but just as it started it was brought to an abrupt end with no cogent reason, but not without the actress having a child for the actor which brings to three the number of children she has had out of wedlock. She had had two children before that of Fred for men nobody can really say the way they look. The actress who contested to be the president of the Actors Guild of Nigeria in the botched election is said to have a flair for having children for different men, which is evident with the number of men she has had children for in a short while.

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Lagos Assembly blasts MTN over “Aeroplane Wonder Promo”

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The Lagos State House of Assembly has lampooned telecommunication giant, MTN, over its wonder promo.

Chairman of the House Committee on Information, Strategy, Security and Publicity, Hon. Segun Olulade, blasted the firm for encouraging Lagosians to participate in the promo that promises luxurious gifts such as aero plane with a fee of N200. 

The promo, he said, has the tendency to contribute to the growing trend of moral decadence in the society.

Olulade said it creates the impression among youths that there are undignified short cuts to wealth, negating the ideals of labour and responsibility.

He argued that marketing hypes of this kind would go a long way to further insult the collective intelligence of Nigerians and defeat the purpose they are meant to serve.

The lawmaker advised MTN to consider the far- reaching implications of the controversial promo on its brand’s integrity in Nigeria, especially if the promises are not fulfilled.

He urged MTN to devise more dignifying sale strategies and intensify efforts in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

He called on the Nigeria Communication Commission (NCC) as well as the Consumers Protection Council (CPC) to critically look into the modalities surrounding the various business promos in the country.

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PHOTO OF THE DAY: Is this fashion or glorified madness

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The last time I checked, I thought fashion was about what you wear and not what you forgot to wear!

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“Nothing less than 30 men patronize me on a daily basis”: (A peep into the world of Prostitution)

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While Muslims were at home celebrating the holy month of fasting (Ramadan) which ended recently, commercial sex workers (prostitutes) were also on the other hand jubilating at the successful completion of the religious exercise. The sex workers were proud to say that the end of fasting is the beginning of their business, which was grossly affected by the holy month.

Some of the sex workers, aside jubilating and celebrating publicly, also agreed that the end of the fasting has returned them back to business fully.

Most of these commercial sex workers further disclosed that their patronage since Muslims ended their fasting had been encouraging.

Jemima, 28, who plies her ugly trade around Isolo, Lagos, attested thus: “There is no doubt that my income in this profession has improved since Muslims ended their fasting. Sex is essential to my customers.

According to her, nothing less than 30 men patronize her on a daily basis.
Another sex worker (name withheld) operating from Ikemba Hotel located around Aguda, Lagos, said: “As soon as fasting ended one of my customers who also observed the fasting visited me; he nearly shed tears because he has not been having sex for the past one month”.

When asked whether she increased her price or not, she added:“Well, it depends on the mugu. My customer who I told you almost shed tears, when I saw the pressure that was on him and I found out that he was ready to pay any amount just to have me, I increased my price from N1,000 to N2,000, he paid and I gave him the services required”.

Chiamaka who hails from Obowo in Imo State and carries out her trade in a brothel at Ejigbo said: “What I suffered during Ramadan fasting period was much, it got to a point I almost begged just to eat. I remember the day one of my customers came and was pricing me N200, due to bad market”. When asked whether she collected the money, she responded in the affirmative. “Well, to be frank with you I don’t have a choice. I collected it because I must chop, Abi no be so? She asked rhetorically.

We asked if there is improvement now, she replied:“Oga journalist, you want to know everything in one day.

Well, God is good to me. Right now business is fine and we are back on our feet again.”
As for the man that offered her N200 for sex , Chiamaka had this to say,” I will never allow him into my room again. Mr. Journalist as I am talking to you now, I don’t greet the man anymore.” When asked why, she took us down memory lane on her sad past. “All men are the same; when I left secondary school, my mother said I should get married and I was about 15 then, I told her I was too young to get married then but she insisted that I must get married. I got married just to please my mum but after two children my husband abandoned me and today I am left alone to my fate.

My two children are in school and I am the one footing their bills. I am telling you this story for the first time” she said with tears all over her face.

Reacting to all this, a Lagos based Islamic cleric, Alhaji S.A Adebayo, the chief Imam of Aranse Central Mosque, Ijeshatedo, maintained that prostitution is a dirty business. “Any Muslim brother that treads in their path is dirty before the Almighty Allah.
There is no difference between witchcrafts and prostitution. For a woman to open her two legs for 20 or 30 men in a day she must be a witch.” He further urged those doing it to stop patronizing commercial sex workers. “Allah hates it”, he averred.

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