To all motorists in Lagos, things will not be the same again. The incumbent Governor of the state, Babatunde Fashola has signed the new traffic bill into law.

For example, any person found guilty of driving on a one-way road will get a free ticket to spend three years in prison, with no option of fine. Now that’s harsh!

Other penalties include:

(1) Riding a motor-cycle against traffic : 1st time offender – N20,000.00 subsequent offender N30,000.00.

(2) Smoking while driving – N20,000.00 fine.

(3) Failure to give way to traffic on the left at a roundabout – N20,000.00 fine

(4) Disobeying traffic control – N20,000.00

(5) Riding motor-cycle without crash helmet for rider and passenger – N20, 000: 00 or 3yrs imprisonment.

(6) Driving without valid driver’s license – Vehicle to be impounded.

(7) Driving with fake number plate – N20,000.00 and 6 month imprisonment or both.

Posted by: Ogunleye Gbemiga