Bisi and Dele Odule were working on Sanyeri’s Movie set when they had a little issue and Bisi Apologised to Dele by kneeling down and Everyone thought it was all over, until the following morning when Bisi walked past and didn’t greet Dele. Dele called her back and put her Attention to the fact that she didn’t greet him and Despite Bisi’s Apologies that it was an Oversight, Dele went on and on Abusing Bisi and in the process Referred to the fact that even his Boss Yinka Quadri was not Educated like him.

Bisi quietly walked Away from the incident and put a call through to Yinka Quadri who trained and groomed her in the Industry explaining the details of the incident including the fact that Dele called him an illiterate.

Few Minutes later Dele put a call to Yinka to report Bisi and when he did,Yinka simply shut him up asking him why he was calling him since he had already called him an illiterate behind his back. It will be recalled in the past Yinka Quadri,Taiwo Hassan and Dele Odule used to be inseparable friends before the Duo of Yinka and Taiwo fell out with him over irreconcilable Differences.

Posted by: Ogunleye Gbemiga