The truth is coming out about the Jackson family scrum and… it’s not pretty.
Randy, Jermaine, and Janet Jackson drove their SUV onto the Michael Jackson’s Calabasas property and confronted their nieces and nephews.
They tried to physically force Paris, Prince, and Blanket to get in the car so they could be driven off to Arizona and presumably be reunited with their missing Grandmother Katherine.

As we reported yesterday, Janet swiped at Paris’s cellphone in an attempt to take away the girl’s Twitter access, but now we know the words that were exchanged!
Janet said to her niece:

“You’re a spoiled little b*tch!”
And then Paris told her aunt to beat it. Well, actually, she wasn’t that tactful.
She said:

“This is our house. Not the Jackson family house. Get the f**k out!”
While all this was going on, cousin Trent Jackson was forced to punch Jermaine in the mouth and put Randy in a headlock just to protect MJ’s kids!
Holy cow! This is absolute insanity!!
Thank heavens someone was there to keep the out of control Aunt and Uncles at bay and look after the kids’ well being.

Almost 30 years ago MJ helped bridge continents with We Are the World — he must be turning over in his grave watching his family tear itself apart at the seams!!
Hopefully the drama will resolve itself quickly!

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Posted by: Ogunleye Gbemiga