THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, a young male approximately 24 years old is in custody for explosion/tear gas and mass shooting that killed 10 people on the spot in the movie theater and another 4 people died at the hospital. It was during the Batman movie and 50 other people were injured. They are saying this was a planned attack.

Colorado Shooting Update: James Holmes Identified
Sources say Holmes is a former University of Colorado School of Medicine student who dropped out last month. He does not have a criminal record, nor does he appear to possess ties to any terrorist organization.
Authorities raided Holmes’ Denver-area apartment today and reportedly found what appeared to be “buckets of extra ammunition” and some kind of chemical inside his home.
Eerily enough, a woman from California called in to ABC News a short while ago and confirmed that Holmes, her son, is almost definitely the culprit.
“You have the right person,” the San Diego resident said, adding that she would be calling the police and flying to Colorado.
In the wake of this tragedy, Warner Bros. has canceled the Paris red carpet premiere of The Dark Knight Rises tonight and sent out its thoughts and prayers to the families of the victims.

Why do all these crazy attacks always happen in Colorado.

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Posted by: Ogunleye Gbemiga