A painful position for a father to be in for the sake of his son.
Since there are conflicting stories about Sage Stallone‘s mental state before his sudden death, Sylvester Stallone has decided to launch his own investigation into the tragic incident.

The young man was found dead in his Hollywood Hills home last Friday with pills bottles and what may or may not have been liquor bottles surrounding his body. Family lawyer George Braunstein argues that Sage didn’t even drink alcohol and that there were no warning signs of his demise.
People who knew Sly’s son say otherwise, so the Expendables 2 star hired private investigator Scott Ross (the same guy that investigated Rihanna and Chris Brown‘s violent incident) to look into the matter and hopefully find the truth.

The P.I. has reportedly met with Stallone and his brother on Tuesday to discuss the case. They want to know exactly what happened, like whether or not foul play was involved (cops say no) and if the 36-year-old was troubled enough to overdose on drugs.

We should find out if drugs were the actual cause of death soon in the next six weeks because the El Lay coroner’s office has started the autopsy. Until then, all we can do is send our thoughts and prayers out to Sage’s family!

Posted by: Ogunleye Gbemiga