Two former national goalkeepers, Joe Erico and Joseph Dosu, have said that the new goal-line technology introduced by FIFA might affect the excitement of the game.
In separate interviews with the News Agency of Nigeria on Friday in Lagos, the duo said the decision taken by the world football governing body had wider implications.
NAN reports that the International Football Association Board, the custodians of the rules of the game, on Thursday took a decision to introduce the goal-line technology.
Erico said although the implementation of the technology might affect the excitement and glamour of the game, it should be tried to see how it will work.
“A lot of people have clamoured for the goal-line technology to be implemented but I think it will affect the excitement of the game.
“But at the same time, we have to live with the change because there is the need to see how effective it will be in determining the outcome of a match,” he said.
According to the former national coach, it will be strange for a game to be stopped in order to determine if a ball had crossed the line or not.
“The problem is that the referee has to stop the game and wait for confirmation from a computer and people are not used to that.
“The truth is that you feel cheated sometimes when a ball either crosses the goal-line or does not, but what can you do,” he declared.
Erico noted that the technology had been tried in tennis and some other sports and that considering it for football was okay.
“But again, it might have its short comings among which I think is to kill the tempo of a match,” he said.
In his reaction, Dosu said the implementation of the goal-line technology would take the shine off a game and possibly affect broadcast sponsorship deals.

Ogunleye Gbemiga